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Bong Wizard – Instant Cleaner With Crystals 250ml

Bong Wizard – Instant Cleaner With Crystals 250ml

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Looking for a new cleaner to do the job in one go? Look no further than our NEW Bong Wizard Instant Cleaner, with a new and improved formula to make your billy of choice sparkle like new.

To use this product, simply; SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING

  • 1. Pour the formula into the item being cleaned.
  • 2. Cover all openings of the item and shake until the item is completely clean.
  • 3. Rinse the item thoroughly under warm water.
  •  For smaller items, place items in a sealable bag, then follow the above instructions.

Product Details:

  • Each bottle contains 250mL of product.
  • Cleans in 60 seconds.
  • Use only on Glass, Ceramic, Pyrex, and Metal surfaces.
  • The formula is concentrated and may be harmful to certain surfaces or finishes.