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Cloud Vault Mouthpiece And Filter

Cloud Vault Mouthpiece And Filter

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The Cloud Vault combines HEPA and Carbon filtration technology in a comfortable hand-held design. Simply exhale your herb of choice into the Cloud Vault and undesirable clouds and smells are immediately and permanently captured.

It Really Works!

Stay inside and enjoy your favourite smoke without excessive odours, haze and lingering clouds The Cloud Vault combines a HEPA filter with Activated Carbon in a unique design that captures odour particles while allowing air to pass through.

Like a vault, the smells and clouds that you would have released are stored securely forever!

Works with any herb.


  • 1. Inhale your favourite Smoke or herb of choice
  • 2. Place your mouth on the Cloud Vault and breathe out / exhale the smoke through the Cloud Vault
  • 3. Only clean air will exit the Cloud Vault!