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Electric Lava Lamp Waterpipe With A Ufo Perc!

Electric Lava Lamp Waterpipe With A Ufo Perc!

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Tired of the same old, boring smoking devices? Looking for a unique, eye-catching piece that combines style, functionality, and a hint of retro cool? Look no further!

The Lava Lamp Waterpipe – a revolutionary, mesmerizing, and one-of-a-kind smoking experience! 

Features That Will Blow Your Mind -

Lava Lamp Aesthetic:

  • The Lava Lamp Waterpipe is not just any waterpipe; it’s a mesmerizing work of art. Turn it on, and watch in awe as it lights up with an array of dazzling colors, just like a lava lamp. The captivating visual display will take your smoking sessions to a whole new level.

Dynamic Glitter Show:

  • Inside this sensational waterpipe, a swirling vortex of glitter dances gracefully, creating an entrancing visual spectacle as you take your hits. Say goodbye to boring, conventional smoking! 

Rechargeable Battery:

  • No need to worry about constantly changing batteries or being tethered to a power source. The Lava Lamp Waterpipe comes with a built-in rechargeable battery for convenience and portability. It’s always ready to light up your world.

Charging Made Easy:

  • The package includes a convenient USB charging cable, so you can recharge your waterpipe effortlessly. Stay charged and ready to shine, session after session!

Versatile Smoking Options:

  • The Lava Lamp Waterpipe is designed for your pleasure. It comes with a 14mm cone piece, but you can also use it with a quartz banger or connect it to an electric pipe, making it adaptable to your unique preferences.

Mesmerizing Colors, Sent Randomly: Enjoy the element of surprise! Your Lava Lamp Waterpipe will arrive with a random selection of color, making each piece unique and exciting.